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Date of Revision & Publication of this terms & conditions: April 1, 2023

Please be advised that all products and services offered by Xview Media are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Any services provided by Xview Media to a customer (referred to as “Client” or “Service Taker”) are automatically bound by the terms and conditions stipulated by Xview Media or any third-party organization directly or indirectly associated with Xview Media.
  2. Clients who have engaged with Xview Media’s services for a period exceeding 15 days are assumed to have thoroughly reviewed and accepted all the terms and conditions outlined herein.
  3. Xview Media disclaims any responsibility for the content shared by its employees, the confidentiality of data, or data loss during the design and development of assignments assigned by its clients.
  4. The responsibility for copyright infringement related to images, videos, graphics elements, or concepts used in websites, mobile apps, or software developed or designed by Xview Media for its clients lies solely with the client.
  5. Payments, whether in advance or full, made through any medium, are non-refundable.
  6. In the event that a client wishes to discontinue our services, including Domain Registration, Hosting Services, SSL Services, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), Graphics Designing, Website Designing, or any other service during the development phase or after project completion, the client is required to pay an exit fee of Rs. 15,000/- or settle any outstanding bills. All terms and conditions associated with the services/service provider will remain in effect until the client has fully exited. Should any service be renewed on the client’s behalf or if the client has not notified Xview Media to cease renewal services, the client is obligated to clear all dues before discontinuation. In such cases, access to associated services’ credentials will only be granted upon full settlement.
  7. Xview Media bears no responsibility for the terms and conditions set by third-party service providers who offer services or products to its clients. The client assumes responsibility for understanding and coordinating with such third-party providers.
  8. Failure to make bill payments, renewal charges, or any other payments necessary to maintain an active service may result in the termination of said service without prior notice. Xview Media will not be held liable for data loss or any other losses under such circumstances.
  9. Xview Media shall not disclose any information related to parent associations, franchisees, or business partnerships to clients, as it is assumed that clients understand and respect the confidentiality of Xview Media’s business operations.
  10. Xview Media does not provide source code for software, apps, APIs, etc., to clients. All services are provided under the Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) model.
  11. Making derogatory comments, spreading unethical information, or engaging in conspiratorial actions aimed at harming Xview Media’s reputation is strictly prohibited. Xview Media reserves the right to impose penalties or terminate services immediately in such cases.
  12. The services, contracts, agreements, or commitments presented during sales pitches or by Xview Media’s sales representatives may differ at the time of delivery of product or services. Clients acknowledge that Xview Media cannot be held responsible for any services or products offered.
  13. These terms and conditions are subject to change or update without prior notification.
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